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Heather Lyman

Thank you for setting up an appointment with me! I am located at USU-Blanding and provide service for students in Blanding students in the TRIO Student Support Services .

I provide advising and supporting services including:
  • Tutoring in academic subjects
  • Academic advisement and referrals to the academic advisor for your program
  • Classes to develop reading, writing, math, and study skills
  • Career, personal, and transfer counseling
  • Assessment in academic skills and career interests
  • Retention forms
  • Financial aid information and applicaiton assistance
  • Financial literacy counseling
  • If you are interested in academic advising, you can locate your advisor at https://www.usu.edu/advisors/ and search by the College of your major or by typing your degree program (e.g. Psychology) into the search bar.

Cancellation Policy:
Students should cancel their appointments in a timely manner through Appointment Manager.
Contact Information:

Email: heather.lyman@usu.edu

Phone: (435) 678-8203

Office: USU-Blanding, 576 W. 200 S. Blanding, UT 84511

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